Nowadays companies are bound to adapt and evolve constantly in order to succeed in the circumstances of ongoing innovations and changes.

It is not enough to have a great team, a right strategy and elaborated processes. Companies need technologies that will help to combine data, processes and people in order to interact with clients better in the digital age and adapt quicker given the change in the external environment.

That is why we have developed

the following products:

CRM -systems

for call centers


for sales managers



Analytical tools

for statistical and financial analysis

Financial solutions

for small and medium businesses

Internal and external integrations of business processes

including ones with outsourcing systems and much more

We’re here to help your business solve various automation, integration and optimization challenges via our software.

Our CRM system features for call center

Workforce Management

You will be able to calculate the load of the system easily and get answers to your questions: how many operators you need to process a certain number of applications what days and time more operators are needed which language groups get the greatest workload, etc.

Operators’ workload management

The operator is provided with a certain coefficient which depends on the number of applications processed. Due to this coefficient, incoming requests will be distributed effectively

Data Analysis. Advanced analytics

You can get absolutely any data data from analytics and make decisions based on them

Auto dial

Telephony for highly loaded systems

Convenient organizational structure of the application

The application is easy to customize for your company

Any integrations are possible

You can implement any integrations with your partners whether it is logistics companies or any SMS services